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Darryl tells the powerful story of Darryl Montague, who after his release from the Army has become withdrawn and angry. An unexpected visit from his daughter who he has not seen in 20 years provides him with a distraction, and perhaps a new lease on life. As father and daughter attempt to build a relationship, Darryl learns his about his daughters secret, and the truth behind her desire to reunite, forcing him to make a choice and sacrifice that could change the course of their new-found friendship.

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To Live and Try in LA


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Chistianna’s directorial debut, “To Live and Try in LA” is a satirical look at what lengths people will go to achieve their dream.

Lana knows what it takes to become a Hollywood star…or at least she thinks she does. After obtaining the “secret weapon” to certain success, Lana realizes that her ticket to fame is not all it’s cracked up to be, and decides to join the dark side….